Ujamaa: The Fourth Principle of Kwanzaa


Ujamaa (oo-JAH-mah
) is one of the most powerful principles of Kwanzaa. It focuses cooperative economics, which means coming together to build and maintain our own stores, shops and other businesses and to profit from them together.

What does build and maitain our own stores mean? Why should any African American care? Does it mean that African Americans should isolate themselves and shop only with Black owned and operated businesses.? No; It only means to take RE-Affimative Action. To do for self, as all other communities in America do. What a concept. Ujamaa!!!

As of the year 2009,  African Americans have just under 1 trillion dollars in spending power, yet our communnities  and the masses still live in powerty and lack. Because of these conditions and other elements, the Principles of Kwazaa may be the answer to many issues facing the Black community. Yes Ujamaa is the answer to most of those problems.

You see, when any community spends 95% of its income with others, they’re on a path of total dependencies on others. The Black community could learn much by observing Korean Americans They practice Ujamaa all of the time.

Notice how they've built hospitals, shopping areas and many other types of businesses. They know their Brothers & Sisters WILL do business with them. They know that their survival depends on it . I’ve even heard it said that Koreans have a pool of money that can be tapped into to start a business and you don’t even have to pay it back. Just be ready to give to the next Korean Brother or Sister that wants to start a business. Now that is Ujamaa at its best.

It is crucial that African Americans take Re-Affirmative Action and grab on to the powerful Pricniples of Kwanzaa. Especially  Ujamaa..

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